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TLA UV LED light fixture in Modern Office

TL UVA LED Light Fixtures & Retrofits

The power of the sun delivered safely.


ThinkLite UVA LED Technology has been specially designed to provide ambient type lighting to match any application or environment while emitting safe and optimal amounts of UVA to activate PURETi® on all surfaces.



All varieties available with industry-leading efficiency


The ThinkLite UVA LED solutions come in all types of fixtures and also retrofit lamps.  In the situation where customers prefer to keep their existing fixtures, LEDs or Fluorescents, we are able to easily and inexpensively retrofit them.  All of the UVA LED products are extremely easy to install with industry-leading efficiency.


ThinkLite LED Technology is rated 180-200lm/W, amongst the most efficient systems in the world today; allowing for superior building efficiency and energy savings, 40-50% more efficient than traditional LED fixtures.


Smart Controls and Automation


With all of the ThinkLite UVA LED fixtures and lamps, intelligent controls options are offered to enable automated and smart controls:

   • Regulate UVA intensity based on application

   • Set schedules, timers, grouping and routines, especially using variations between the UVA intensity versus regular lights

   • Integrate automated light controls and behavior based on air quality data measured by TL Flair IAQ Monitors Energy consumption tracking and reporting

   • Control fixture using the ThinkLite Pro iOS, Android App and browser-based dashboard

TLA UV LED light fixture in Modern Office
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