Rings of Defense 1. Measure
Rings of Defense 2. Heal
Rings of Defense 3. 3D Air Purification
PURETi Spray Gun discharging

PURETi Continuous Cleansing System

Treating high-volume spaces with PURETi can substantially reduce the number of harmful organic particulates and greatly improve your indoor air quality.


You only need sunlight to activate the photocatalytic reaction and when paired with our Purilux UVA lights, air purification keeps on going after sundown and especially in the areas sunlight can’t reach.

PURETi Spray Gun discharging
Lady spraying the PURETi onto an exercise machine

Let’s clear the air.


PURETi uses Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and through a process of ultraviolet photocatalysis, accelerates the natural decomposition of organic matter. When bacteria, germs, VOCs and viruses come into contact with PURETi treated surfaces, they are continuously broken down until only harmless gas is left.


Make every surface a source of clean air.


By treating your walls, windows and floors with PURETi, you are literally creating walls of defense against VOCs in your environment. The high-traffic hallway in your building that has become a problem can now be a source of clean air.

Lady spraying the PURETi onto an exercise machine
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