Rings of Defense 1. Measure
Rings of Defense 2. Heal
Rings of Defense 3. 3D Air Purification

The Pursuit of Clarity.

With clarity of vision, thought and speech, the impossible becomes possible.


ThinkLite was born in 2009 with a magnanimous goal to help all businesses achieve brighter futures. With time, our mission became clearer as we evolved.


With the privilege of being able to grow into a global leader and innovator in the commercial, industrial, and horticultural light industries over the past decade, ThinkLite’s products provide reliable and energy-efficient lighting to countless organizations all over the world.


Every day, our team continues to help organizations see clearly through developing and leveraging superior lighting technologies and bringing these lighting solutions to market in an efficient, customer-centric manner.  


In the past recent years, our perpetual pursuit of clarity challenged us to bring clarity to something we have taken for granted, something that can be life-threatening if not ‘seen’ and treated appropriately, and yet something so essential: Air.


ThinkLite Air enables organizations to clearly see and effectively manage its indoor air quality. Our Rings of Defense Ecosystem continuously monitors, heals and purifies the air of all types of contaminants and pathogens in large indoor applications, ensuring workspaces are always healthy and productive.


Powered by ThinkLite Technology and guided by the same visionary leadership, we bring clarity to the world with our scalable air safety solutions that are designed to protect the health and well-being of every staff member and customer in your workplace.

After all, the cleaner our air, the brighter our future.

A woman holding a piece of paper with a bullseye on it towards the sky

ThinkLite Air

A History of Innovation

ThinkLite Air is the fruit of many years of growth and evolution.

BABSON and Olin College Logos


ThinkLite is born in Wellesley, MA on the campuses of Babson College and Olin College of Engineering.

Germany and South Korea Flags


ThinkLite builds its product development capability in Germany and South Korea, becoming a designer and manufacturer of LED lighting technologies; and successfully delivers its first batch of commercial and government customers.



ThinkLite invents the world’s first driverless LED lighting technology, introducing the highest level of LED efficacy and longevity the world has ever seen. ThinkLite is put on a map and starts to expand globally.


2012 - 2015

ThinkLite builds its headquarters in Natick, MA. ThinkLite scales its operation to 14 countries developing a strong presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Vertical Farming


ThinkLite develops its Bluetooth mesh smart lighting platform, allowing for networked controlled solutions to be adapted in all its fixtures and retrofits inexpensively and easily for all business, small and large.


ThinkLite establishes its bioengineering division, with the purpose of developing lighting technologies that provide value well beyond energy savings.


ThinkLite debuts its bioengineering division by taking its technology to the horticultural vertical farming industry, and empowers growers to achieve unprecedented yields with savings to their lighting costs.

Chicken Farm


Working closely with agricultural engineers, ThinkLite combines cutting edge LED engineering with biological insights to enhance animal well-being by leveraging the power of custom light spectrums. ThinkLite’s lighting innovations for livestock are installed in some of the world’s largest chicken farms.

WACHSEN Engineering Logo


Through first-hand experience of working in the medical industry, ThinkLite continues to evolve its bioengineering focus to improving the quality of human life, investing heavily into the research and development of air purifying lights, initially designed for the medical industry.

ThinkLite NASCAR Race Car


A childhood dream of the ThinkLite founders, the Wadhwani Brothers, also became a reality with ThinkLite’s NASCAR race team and primary sponsorship.


ThinkLite Air is born with an established product line of safe, air purifying LEDs; and targets the medical and educational industries.

ThinkLite Air Old Logo


With the global pandemic, a whole new meaningful purpose falls in the lap of ThinkLite Air.

ThinkLite Air is no more a niche division of ThinkLite, but its own separate entity, with a mission and responsibility to bring its technologies to help support all businesses to continuously monitor, heal and purify their air of contaminants and pathogens.


ThinkLite’s energy efficiency division continues to grow and provide continued innovative smart lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications.

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