Unparalleled Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

The most precise commercial-grade IAQ
monitoring system
 available on the market today.

Starting at only $69.98 per month!

Why Monitor My Air?


Peace of Mind

ThinkLite Air lets you, your employees, and visitors know that the air inside your facility is safe to breathe.


Make Informed Decisions

From reopening your facility to considering new air purification technologies, ThinkLite Air gives you the data to make the right call.


Stay Compliant

Local, state, and federal agencies are putting strict air quality regulations in place. ThinkLite Air helps you meet them.

More important than ever during a pandemic, we’re providing the tools to help owners and executives make informed decisions about safely reopening their businesses. Our technology is:

Commercial Grade

It allows businesses to track a wide range of pollutants in the air inside their facility more precisely than other monitors.


Powerful and Precise

Each monitor covers and safely reports data for 5,000 sq. ft. of space.


Safe and Reassuring

It provides peace of mind for employees and visitors alike that the facility they’re spending time in is actually safe.

Without proper IAQ monitoring,

any attempt at reopening is based on a hope of safety.

What ThinkLite Air Can Do

Track Major Indoor
Air Pollutants

  • VOCs, particles under 2.5 microns (like viruses), CO2

Report and
Share Data

  • iOS and Android applications
  • Browser-based dashboard for enterprise-level interaction and analytics on the data
  • Simple dashboards for in-office visibility and display on your website

I love this technology. Most people want to know the water they drink is safe. I also want to know that the air I breathe is safe.


Senior Property Manager | JLL

As people go indoors and the rebreathed air fraction goes up, the risk of infection is quite dramatic.


Edward Nardell, Harvard Medical School

Ensure worker and visitor safety
by leveraging the most advanced IAQ
monitoring system on the market.

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