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Rings of Defense 2. Heal
Rings of Defense 3. 3D Air Purification

The TL Flair - Know What You Breathe.

The TL Flair Air Safety Monitor detects and analyzes key air quality measures that have health and wellness implications for you and your facilities. The device is able to accurately detect, measure and report key metrics in an open space of up to 5,000 square foot at a time.


PM 0.1 – 2.5

Pathogens that range from 0.1 to 2.5 microns, specifically viruses including COVID19), influenza flu virus and other airborne germs.



Total Volatile Organic Compounds that create optimal environments for pathogens to thrive and reproduce in the air.


Relative Humidity

Having the right humidity levels limit pathogen growth and improves air safety.



Carbon Dioxide has a direct impact on focus and cognitive function.

The Flair Device and its sensor cartridges

Flair's proprietary modular sensor designs provide high precision monitoring. The ejectable sensors can easily be replaced and updated at the end of their life cycle ensuring that you always receive the best monitoring technology.

Make decisions on your facility operations based on hard data.

An advanced integrated dashboard collects data from all your Flair Devices and alerts you to changing air conditions in your facility in real-time.


This information empowers you to make sound decisions on openings, remediation efforts and foot traffic based on air quality data available to you 24/7.

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Information about the indoor and outdoor air quality

Transparency That Inspires Confidence.

Public Dashboards provide real-time information on your office’s air quality. Accessible through public monitors or through QR codes, and have a real-time view of the air quality in your facility.


Flair’s real-time public dashboard inspires confidence in the cleanliness and safety of the air inside your facility.

Information about the indoor and outdoor air quality
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Easy to Install, Easy to Run.

Start monitoring your air today. ThinkLite’s Air Monitor Team is available to assist you in installing your Flair Monitors and for any troubleshooting concerns.


Receive regular reports and action recommendations from your Monitor Team based on data trends from a particular period.


Backed with ThinkLite Air’s comprehensive warranty, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we’ve got your back.

Young lady pointing at the Flair Device
Automation Map of the Flair IAQ Monitor

Smart Building Automation Ready

ThinkLite’s Flair IAQ Monitor has an open API architecture, making it easy to integrate into most BMS systems.


Our BMS Integrations also provide the ability to use the TL Flair as a smart thermostat, allowing for manual input of the desired temperature that is sent directly to the BMS system.


Indoor air quality is an essential factor in the safety of your facility, so having

communication between the Flair IAQ monitor and your HVAC controls can help reassure clean, safe air for the areas that need it most.

Automation Map of the Flair IAQ Monitor
Information about the indoor and outdoor air quality

Seamless Software Integration

The Flair IAQ Monitor comes with an intuitive software suite that securely connects to your network and allows data to be shared across an unlimited number of devices, TV screens, even on the company website, all in real-time.


It can also seamlessly integrate into your building’s automation control system through our open API, BACnet, and any custom integration that may be required.

Information about the indoor and outdoor air quality

Proprietary Modular Sensors

The Flair IAQ Monitor is designed to work with customizable indoor sensors, that can be integrated into the modular cartridge as shown. These sensor cartridges are interchangeable and can be specifically made to sense a specific chemical that your facility may need to monitor.

The Flair Device and its sensor cartridges

Scalable Monitoring Solutions for your Enterprise

Hardware Advantages

Sqft Coverage of each Monitor

Any indoor air quality (IAQ) monitor that exists covers up to 200-400 sqft of area, depending on the type and model you purchase. Very much like humidifiers we may use at home, they are designed for spaces ranging from a small bedroom to a regular living room. Many times, you need two of these residential IAQ monitors to cover your entire living room. Even when you employ multiple such devices, there is no capability to GROUP results and get a sense of one big space. For example, you may see “living room corner” and “living room entrance”, but you cannot see your “living room” in general. Air is dynamic and flows all around, it does not know your corner from your entrance. Unless these devices can communicate directly with each other to act as one large device and group the results, they pose several challenges of being used in commercial spaces, even if you are willing to use 10 devices to cover your 4,000 auditorium 

ThinkLite’s IAQ Monitor, Flair, covers up to 5,000 sqft, and every device can be grouped to dynamically work with each other (see software advantage, Group devices)


Modular Sensors - Longest Trackable Life, Consistent Accuracy, and Ease of Replenishing

Every IAQ monitor that exists have their sensors integrated into the device. The life of these sensors is 12 to 24 months, after which their ability to provide accurate measuring diminishes greatly. After 12 months of use, the accuracy of these sensors are questionable. After 18 to 24 months, the device becomes useless and has to be replaced. 


ThinkLite’s Flair is the only IAQ monitor with this proprietary capsule technology that consists of replaceable commercial sensor modules that last 24 months. After 24 months, simply replace the sensors, just like you replace the toner in your printer. From the moment your IAQ is installed and throughout that 24 month period, the life and performance of the sensor is tracked (see software advantage, Tracking sensor life). 


So what happens when you have a space with significant air issues where the sensors got near to end of life in 21 months? No problem. You will be able to see this and your device will notify you when replacement sensors are needed. With our 24/7 monitoring, our monitoring team will know this and ship out your new replacement sensors without having to request them. When they arrive, all you do is pop out the old ones, and pop in the new ones.

Ease of Re-calibration

The accuracy of your IAQ variables depends highly on the optimal calibration of your sensors. With every IAQ monitor on the market today, this is a concern and a key driving factor behind the 1 year warranty they offer. If the sensors need re-calibrating before 12 months, it has to be done by the manufacturer of the device at their facility. This means you have to send your device back as part of their warranty process, wait for them to ‘repair’ the device (all they are doing is re-calibrating it), and then they will ship back your ‘fixed’ or re-calibrated device. Not to mention that the zero data points collected while your monitor is in the factory being recalibrated. Oh, that’s bad!


ThinkLite Air Monitors is able to seamlessly calibrate the modular sensors automatically. No need to question your results, wonder if it is working well, and then go through the hassle of sending this in for calibration. Our complete recalibration process only takes seconds compared to the weeks-long, even months-long, traditional calibration processes.


Air is serious business for us, ensuring your IAQ monitor is providing accurate results could be a matter of life and death (think using it in an ICU of a hospital for BMTs (bone marrow transplants) where any patient that comes close to COVID has no chance of survival). That is the level of assurance & accuracy this calibration feature is designed to provide.

3 Year SMART Warranty

Every IAQ monitor that exists offers a limited 1-year only product warranty. It’s not the hardware that has a high chance of failing after 12 months, it’s the sensors (as explained in section 2 above).


ThinkLite’s IAQ comes with a 3 year SMART warranty on the hardware unit. If anything malfunctions during 3 years, your device will let you know via the software. With our 24/7 monitoring, our systems will know this as well – our team will reach out to troubleshoot or send out a replacement device (see 24/7 monitoring for additional detail).

Superior Software for Precise Monitoring

Software Advantages

Share-ability with Customizable Dashboards & In-depth Reporting

You’ve monitored your IAQ, made the right data driven decisions and together with all the protocol you have established, your facility’s air is safe to breathe, chances of the coronavirus or any other virus or bacteria being airborne is very low to none. Great Job!


Now, you want to convey this message to your occupants or stakeholders – the faculty, teachers, parents, and students. How do you do that?

ThinkLite Air’s Enterprise software allows for custom dashboards to be created and published to screens in your facility. For example, when you enter Building A, you want to display the air quality for that entire building on a screen in the reception (based on a smart grouping of all sensors in that building). Maybe you want to show the air quality in each of the main classrooms, no problem. You want to publish this online on your website so your occupants and stakeholders can see this, no problem.


Now in addition to real-time data, you might want to show your trending air data for the past month, or the past 3 months because your air quality is not just good today or out of the blue, but you’ve taken all the steps and ensured your air quality has been helping you fight COVID in your building for a longer period of time. Our software puts the power of historical data and trends in your hand – want to create a chart to compare PM2.5 in your air over the past quarter in your library & cafeteria and display that on a TV at the entrances – no problem!

Every business has their own unique challenges in this environment – doing the right thing is one thing, but how do your occupants and stakeholders know this? How can they measure this? How can they see the fruits of the labor you and your team have put in? The robust dashboard and reporting platform will enable you to achieve all of this. 

Make all your efforts worthwhile with this feature.

Group Devices to get a Complete Dynamic view of Larger Spaces

You have a 9,000 sqft cafeteria or a 18,000 sqft auditorium. Occupants move in and out throughout the day. Your IAQ monitors are spread correctly to cover approximately 5,000 sqft. But Air is always moving and while seeing “auditorium reception”, “auditorium foyer”, “auditorium left wing” and “auditorium right wing” is helpful for the superintendent of the auditorium, as the head of school – you want a complete picture of your “Auditorium”. Not just an average of the 4 devices, but a true dynamic read of the air in that entire larger space. 


ThinkLite Air Monitors were designed for this enterprise application to larger spaces – each monitor can be grouped such that it knows they are part of a larger ecosystem monitoring the same space. This feature provides accurate real time and trending data for larger spaces. You can drill into a granular level tracked by each monitor, or you can view the larger spaces based on the smart grouping of all sensors in that space, building or set of buildings.

Integration Capability with your Building Automation Systems for Higher Profits

Building automation is becoming increasingly prevalent and increasingly doable in today’s modern world. Incorporating air quality monitoring into your building automation system can maximize your HVAC performance, as well as save energy for your building. Additionally, the automated system will significantly reduce the amount of time and manpower the building management team needs to put into managing air quality, resulting in lower operational costs and higher profits.


There are many ways to incorporate air quality monitoring into building automation through API, Modbus, local MQTT, BACnet, and more. With the range of protocols and connectivity options available, ThinkLite Air Monitoring is compatible with all these standards, ready for integration with your Building Automation Systems.

Enterprise Alert System

If the Virus index goes above 30 in these 3 classrooms and stays there for more than 40 mins, notify these 3 individuals. But if the overall air quality in building A (a smart grouping of all sensors in that building) is above XX, notify this district manager. If the air quality of the four buildings in these 3 districts is above XX, notify this regional manager…. Get the idea?


ThinkLite Air’s Enterprise Alert System provides businesses and organizations the agility and scalability to design alert processes that fit their hierarchy, size and scale – regardless of how granular or bird’s eye that needs to be.  Businesses are complex and each one is unique – the alert process for a hospital versus a school versus a university versus a clean room in a lab facility all differs greatly. ThinkLite Air is built for that.

Track Sensor Life

Being able to monitor the life of the modular sensors and know when they replacing is just like you monitoring the battery charge on your phone and knowing when to charge. With 24/7 monitoring, replacement sensors get shipped automatically to you (see 24/7 monitoring for additional detail).

Full Data Export Capability

Your facilities personnel wants to run their own analysis. Your school nurse wants to use your air data for some research they are working on. Your teachers want to use your air quality data as a case study or exercise for your students to inspire them to be cautious and proactive about the virus – whatever the reason may be, the enterprise software allows for a full export of historical data. The opportunities to leverage this quality accurate data within your organization are endless with this flexible feature.


If you are pursuing certain building certifications, your minute-by-minute readings is directly exportable in formats recognized and supported by the WELL, RESET and LEED standards.

Enterprise Level Security

All air quality data is protected with SSL and TLS encryption to ensure the highest security for your organization’s data.

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