Rings of Defense 1. Measure
Rings of Defense 2. Heal
Rings of Defense 3. 3D Air Purification
Air Scrubber wall mounted 1

The ThinkLite Air Scrubber

Perfect for small spaces

The Air Scrubber strengthens your protection and adds an additional ring of defense to the airspace at your facility. Utilizing advanced photocatalytic oxidation technology, the Air Scrubber effectively eliminates airborne pathogens, especially in areas where people congregate. Photocatalytic oxidation technology replicates nature’s purifying process through the use of ultraviolet energy to activate a multi-metal catalyst that safely projects ions into the air. These ions convert water vapor into oxidizers that break down airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), orders, bacteria, viruses, and mold.


Microbes are deactivated through the process of cell lysing which compromises the cellular integrity by oxidation penetrating the cell wall, or by changing the molecular structure of the microbe, thereby rendering the contaminant harmless. This Enhanced Cluster Ion (ECI) Scrubber unit produces well in excess of 2 Million Ions per cubic meter. This is perfect for fitness facilities, nursing homes, hotels, and offices with PTAC units.


The Air Scrubber is virtually maintenance-free and continuously cleanses itself, providing years of protection to your facility.

Air Scrubber wall mounted 1
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