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Icon Air Healer

The most advanced technology in air purification


A high capacity system designed to filter out all particles (PM), destroy all microbes (including viruses, specifically COVID-19), safely neutralize all VOCs, and return hospital-grade clean air into your indoor environment.


The cleaning technology consists of a large surface area vacuum air chamber coated with PURETi, and an intense UVA LED Light concentrated within the chamber. The combination of these two components delivers a MERV 19 grade air purification, unlike no other on the market. Most air purifiers and ionizers on the market provide air purification of Merv 7-10 rating at best.


Most importantly, there is no release of ions, hydroxyls or any sort of chemicals into the air. This is exceptionally valuable and safe to know for areas such as schools, hospitals, FDA regulated applications, and offices with people that may be sensitive to such chemical ion releases..

This device is 100% ozone free and eliminates all safety risks and liabilities involving releasing unsafe amounts of ions in the air.


The Icon Air Healer covers up to 5,000 sq feet and over 100,000 cubic feet of air volume.

This is an extremely effective way to eliminate airborne pathogens, especially in areas where people may congregate.

Icon Air Healer inside an office space

MERV - (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) Created by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers). It provides a scale showing the effectiveness of filters at removing particles of different sizes.

Diagram of how the Air Healer works

1. HEPA Filter

2. Fan

3. Neutralizing chamber

4. Carbon pre-filter

5. Contaminated air inlets

6. Heated air outlet

7. Dust and VOC sensors

How the Air Healer works

The polluted air enters the air inlets at the front and bottom of the unit (#5).


The air passes through the custom designed pre-filter (#4). The pre-filter filters out larger particles and heavy dust. The layers of activated carbon in the pre-filter provide basic absorption of volatile organic compounds.


The neutralization chamber (#3) is equipped with complex and sophisticated technology (patented).


UV light combined with PURETi in the chamber takes care of the volatile organic compounds, pathogens and micro biological contaminations.


Using the large frictionless fan (#2), the decontaminated air finally passes through a high grade, custom main HEPA filter (#1). This filter ensures proper filtration of the smallest particles (even smaller than 0.1µ). The clean air leaves the unit through the air outlet (#6) on the front of the Icon Healer unit.

Incredibly Low Maintenance

The only maintenance needed is an inspection every 2 years where the carbon pre-filter and HEPA filter needs to be replaced. This is the lowest level of maintenance needed in the history of any MERV 19 air purification system, ever.


The reason for this low maintenance is because all the major air purification processes are taken care of by the photocatalytic oxidation of the UVA LED + PURETi in the vacuum chamber, which constitutes a majority of this system.

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