Clean and Safe air is essential for our health.

ThinkLite Air is the only technology organization that uses multiple Rings of Defense Ecosystem to continuously monitor, heal and purify the air in commercial indoor applications.

Our solutions work independently of building HVAC systems, allowing for easily adaptable and highly effective ways to create a positive noticeable difference in the workplace, immediately.

When you create a space that is healthy and safe for your staff and customers, businesses and communities will thrive.

Rings of Defense 1. Measure
Rings of Defense 2. Heal
Rings of Defense 3. 3D Air Purification

Our Ethos.

We believe technology is here to save the world. Yet we realize there is no single technology that can do that. It is a careful curation of sciences when applied in the right methods and combinations, that allows for maximized effectiveness. We guarantee a 90% improvement in air quality with our solutions, which can be measured and proven to you within minutes.

There are several air treatment services available on the marketplace. However, our unique approach is using technology to achieve this. We believe in empowering our customers with the right tools so they can take control over their space independently.

We believe that good technology must be accessible to all. Without having to rely on contractors and expensive services, you will be able to manage, measure, and continuously purify your facility with a click of a button.

The Rings of Defense.

Each ring is a layer of protection, designed to complement and work with the other protective rings. Together, they form a more effective and efficient means of providing safety and health for your space.

Consult with one of our Air Specialists to create a customized solution for your space.


The Rings of Defense.

Each ring is a layer of protection, designed to complement and work with the other protective rings. Together, they form a more effective and efficient means of providing safety and health for your space.

Consult with one of our Air Specialists to create a customized solution for your space.

Flair Device w Sensors

Ring 1: Measure

You cannot manage what you cannot measure.

The Flair Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Until now, it has been incredibly expensive to measure key metrics, such as airborne pathogen levels, particulate matters of all kinds, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and several others in real-time.  The norm is spot checks that are taken a few times a year.

This is clearly not enough. Just like how we all need to know where our food and water come from, it is extremely essential that we know what is in the air we are breathing every day. Without this knowledge, it makes it difficult to protect ourselves from something we cannot see, smell, or taste.

Our solution: commercial grade, real-time monitoring of large indoor spaces that allows management to be aware and effectively manage a space based on people entering, using, and leaving a space at any point in time.


Ring 2: Heal

The 2nd Ring of Defense constitutes of a variety of plug and play devices, each specifically designed to be apt for various area sizes and objectives.

Icon Air Healer

Using photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), powered by PURETi and ThinkLite technologies, the Icon Air Healer is the only commercial-grade air purifier capable of delivering MERV 19 grade air for areas as large as 5,000 square feet at a time.

There is no release of ions, hydroxyls or any sort of chemicals into the air. Safe for all types of environments and portable design.

With only 1 filter change required every 2 years, this is the single most effective and efficient way to simply eliminate airborne pathogens and VOC carriers, especially in areas where people may congregate.

Air Scrubber

Air Scrubber

This non-intrusive air scrubber eliminates pathogens by projecting ions into the air. Through a process of flocculation, viruses, VOCs, bacteria and mold clump together, forming heavy particles that fall to the ground, effectively rendering the contaminants harmless, eliminating any chance of being inhaled.

PuriLux Vent

Purilux Vent

Sleek, unobtrusive and silent, anyone would hardly know that an air purifier was right above in the ceiling.

The Purilux Vent doubles as both a highly efficient cost-saving LED light panel and an active air purifier.

This fixture pulls in polluted air, using the in-built industrial grade centrifugal fan and concentrated UVC lighting, purifies it in its vacuum chamber, and recirculates it as clean and safe air.

The_Pureti_Continuous_Cleansing_System 2

Ring 3: 3D Air Purification

This groundbreaking technology turns literally every surface in a facility to an air purifier, constantly working to protect you and your team. This Ring of Defense conveniently leverages the vantage points of light fixtures in a seamless way to achieve wide scale and maximum air purification indoors.

PURETi Continuous Cleaning System

ThinkLite collaborates with PURETi, a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner, that uses Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), a widely known safe cleaning agent for decades, to achieve widespread, continuous cleansing of harmful bacteria and viruses in the air and surfaces.

With this solution implemented, all volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pathogens, and carriers of these pathogens in the air are instantaneously converted into harmless oxygen molecules and water vapor when they bounce off any hard surface.

This measure remains effective for 3 years, guaranteed; and does not interfere or affect any other surface cleaning protocol that may be in place already.


TL UVA LED Light Fixtures & Retrofits

ThinkLite UVA LED Technology has been specifically designed to emit safe and optimal amounts of UVA to activate PURETi on all indoor surfaces.

The LED circuits can be adapted to any LED fixture, lamp, design, and form factor to optimally fit any application, including any light color (warm-white) needed for the environment.

As a result, PURETi treated walls, ceilings, and windows act as air purifiers to dramatically improve indoor air quality. ThinkLite LED Technology is rated 180-200lm/W, amongst the most efficient systems in the world today; allowing for superior building efficiency and energy savings, 40-50% more efficient than traditional LED fixtures.

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